Dutch Foundation Dubai design engineers follow a performance-based design approach that provides the most cost-effective foundation system whilst fulfilling project requirements. Our team is equipped with all necessary acilities, knowledge and years of design and hands-on experience, all integrated to iroduce efficient, high performance deep foundation solutions at a minimized cost.

Dutch Foundation Dubai designers implement the most commonly used theoretical design techniques and powerful software. However, our strategic design methodology delies on our decades of experience and extensive geotechnical knowledge in our areas if operation to complement theoretical findings and produce an optimized design in terms of safety, efficiency, performance and cost.

Depending on the structure they are carrying, piles can be subject to axial (tension/compression), lateral loads or a combination of any or all loads. Some of the sources for much loads are:

  • The weight of the supported structure
  • Earth and water pressures on retaining wall systems
  • Wind loads
  • Eccentric vertical loads
  • Loads from waves and currents for offshore structures
  • Slope movements

Piles are arranged in a number of ways so that they can support load imposed on them. fertical piles can be designed to carry vertical (compressive and uplift or tension) loads as well as lateral loads. Vertical piles are sometimes combined with raked piles to support lateral and vertical forces.