Concrete constituents are tested to ensure  conformance to project specifications.

  • Physical properties of cement.
  • Organic impurities in fine aggregates for concrete.
  • Potential alkaline reactivity of aggregates.
  • Aggregate crushing value
  • Soundness of aggregates.
  • Aggregate impact value.
  • Elongation index.
  • Shell content.
  • Chloride content.
  • Chemical analysis of water.
  • Chemical analysis of aggregates.
  • Particle density (spec. Gravity) and water absorption of aggregates.
  • Aggregate moisture content.
  • Particle size distribution of aggregates.
  • Ten percent fine value.
  • Flakiness index.
  • Los Angeles abrasion of aggregates.
  • Sulfate content of aggregates.
  • Admixture test.

A trial mix is routinely made for testing purposes to ensure that proposed mix designs meet requirements.
The following testes are conducted on ready mix concrete.

  • Slump
  • 7 days compressive strength.
  • Durability
    • Initial surface absorption
    • Water permeability
    • Water absorption.
    • Rapid chloride permeability.
  • Temperature upon delivery.
  • 3 days compressive strength (depending on project requirements)
  • 28 days compressive strength.

In addition to supplying mill certificates for all deformed steel rebar to be used for the fabrication of reinforcement cage, batches are also tested for the following:

  • Tensile strength
  • Bending/re-bending
  • Chemical analysis.