Dutch Foundation Dubai , we take great pride in the quality of work we produce. We spare no effort to maintain our exemplary health, safety, environmental and quality records. Our reputation in our areas of operation and very high percentage of returning clients are indications of our performance.

Dutch Foundation Dubai has long adopted a practical and effective quality system that conforms to the ISO 9001 standard. This quality system is composed of policies, producers and records that are integrated into everything we do. Though continuously improving, this system has provided us with a robust frame work that allows for smooth operations and facilities consistency in project quality control and services.

The characteristics that compose and define our proactive quality system and associated processes are as follows:

  • People are behind the success of our business. Proper recruitment, training and a generous incentive program bring out the best in our employees.
  • We hold individuals and groups responsible for achieving the expected level of quality.
  • Clear, concise and practical quality policies and standards and process and goals.
  • A clear, well organized, carefully planned system of verification and inspection.
  • A corrective and preventive action system that minimizes or eliminates repetition of non conformance and reduces rework.
  • Continues review and update of the whole system.

Project Quality Control And Testing


Pile Testing


Material Testing