QHSE Policy of DFD follows:

  • QHSE goals and performance objectives are established, practiced and measured regularly. Organization processes would be periodically reviewed.
  • Work related risks, associated Environmental impact are identified and Management program is in place to either eliminate or reduce these risks and impact.
  • Applicable legal requirements are understood and followed diligently
  • Safe working environment is provided and the health & safety of Staff is monitored at all times and in all circumstances.
  • All relevant personnel (including contractors, as applicable) are adequately trained in order to carry out their assigned duties correctly and safely.
  • Participate in efforts to enhance relevant knowledge, technology, laws and regulations, to be in-line with corporate HSE Philosophy and culture of the group.
  • Minimize waste and promote the conservation of environmental resources.
  • Enhance business process through employee participation at all levels of the organization, Consultation, Communication is in practice, in all levels to meet & exceed the relevant QHSE business standards.

The QHSE policy is integrated at all levels and is the responsibility of Management that all employees are actively involved in all activities to accomplish the Policy.