Company Overview

Dutch Foundation Dubai (DFD) is a vision realized through determination, dedication, integrity, ethics and hard work. We are proud of having a great deal to do with turning the soft sands of this part of the world into solid and resilient ground capable of holding great structures. Our strength comes from the safe and efficient utilization of latest technology machinery and a workforce of highly trained and experienced professionals, with whom we always produce top quality foundations.

Dutch Foundation Dubai was established in 2000 in the United Arab Emirates. Since that time the company has continued to grow and expand.

Today, DFD is a full-service engineering foundation company with projects in most of the GCC countries and with independently managed, fully operational sister company. We have proudly completed over 300 projects with great efficiency and quality workmanship. The rate of our substantial ongoing growth, growing lists of satisfied clients and successfully completed projects, attests to our devotion to excellence, which has helped us to become one of the leading foundation engineering and construction companies in the GCC.

DFD has the qualifications, experience, latest technology, full range of equipments and a strong financial standing to undertake projects of the largest size in the GCC area and can easily mobilize to any neighboring country. We offer complete cost-effective solutions to your foundation projects, ranging from initial site investigation to overall design and build packages that encompass all aspects of foundation engineering and construction.

DFD owns an impressive fleet of 35 -90 tone cranes, boring Rigs and a complete range of support equipments such as excavators, shovels, vibratory hammers and low bed trailers. We also manufacture our own drilling equipments such as augers, buckets, casings and even Kelly bars. Our machines are maintained in our fully equipped workshops by highly skilled and experienced teams of mechanics. However, at DFD our greatest asset is in our proud, devoted, well qualified and experienced 500+ workforce, backed by supportive management, proper equipments and trained people who can tackle any job and overcome all obstacles.

An effective Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) program is implemented by DFD to protect this great asset, the public, the environment as well as DFD and clientele property. Besides the program has helped DFD maintain an excellent record of personnel safety and property damage control and earned us certifications in – OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO14001:2004.

What is more, DFD has developed a continuously improved Quality Management System (QMS) that is closely adhered to in practice, and has earned DFD a certification for ISO 9001 -1994 more than a decade ago and currently a Global Certificate of Registration for ISO 9001:2008. This QMS, coupled with all the previously mentioned strengths guarantees that we complete our projects in a timely manner with a quality level that meets our stringent standards. With these standards we have always met and shall always meet or exceed client requirements and all applicable specifications.


At Dutch Foundation Dubai, we are committed to excellence. We are proud of our past success and we constantly strive to improve.


We are continually striving for excellence, improving and achieving the highest standards in everything we do


Our mission is simple: to provide our clients with top quality expertise and service in safe, environment friendly, cost effective manner.


As a corporation and as individuals, we take full responsibility for what we do and hold ourselves fully accountable for our actions.


To maintain and improve excellence in performance and service to exceed our clients’ expectations and to support our strategic growth, continuing to build a strong, durable company, capable of extending our service into emerging markets.


Team work is important of any business; we think it is crucial also to our Company’s success. We organize our project teams by choosing members with comprehensive skills who can work together in full harmony.


At DFD, our core values provide the framework for our mission, vision,   rategies, decisions and behaviour. We believe that these principles are of paramount importance to the success of any business as they were, and continue to be behind o rs. They are the standards by which we conduct our daily business and all our intections.


These essential values are at the core of everything we do.


People are our most important asset. Hence ,it is imper tive to protect the health and safety of this great resources and protect the environ , ent where they live and prosper.


We strongly believe in open communication as an effective way for the smooth and efficient functioning of an organization.